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bau Limited Edition Tongue Scraper

bau Limited Edition Tongue Scraper

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The “bau” tongue scraper incorporates both Bauhaus-inspired design principles and functional minimalism. With it's focus on simplicity, functionality, and efficient use of materials, it aligns with these design philosophies by utilising dental grade stainless steel, this tongue scraper offers a durable and hygienic solution for oral care.

The choice of material not only ensures the effectiveness of the tool but also adds a touch of elegance to it's design.

The use of sustainable stainless steel reflects the Bauhaus emphasis on integrating modern materials into design and the functional minimalist approach of using materials that serve the intended purpose effectively.

In terms of its form, bau features clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal ornamentation, which are characteristic of both functional minimalism and Bauhaus design.

These design choices not only contribute to its visual appeal but also align with the notion of creating a tool that is straightforward and efficient in it's purpose.

Furthermore, the emphasis on oral health benefits, such as fresh breath and a healthy oral biome, reinforces the functional aspect of the bau.

Overall, the bau tongue scraper embodies the marriage of inspired design and functional minimalism by combining aesthetic appeal with practice functionality. 

Something unique that will serve you every day and give you joy. 

It’s that simple.

All products selected and sold here are 100% sustainable, reusable, recyclable and earth friendly. 

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