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TSAU Tongue Scraper Full Set (4 pack)

TSAU Tongue Scraper Full Set (4 pack)

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Take the lot for yourself or share with family and friends. 


1. The Tongue Scraper is the finest value for money tongue cleaner around made of high quality stainless steel, designed and manufactured to last. It's highly effective and easy to use.

2. The GURU is made from 100% copper. It's natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties make it an effective tool for promoting oral hygiene. 

3. black IS an exclusive design to suit your individual style. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel with a lifelong food safe matt black coating to keep your tongue clean and healthy.

4.  joy is made from dental grade stainless steel. The chakra colours are reflected in this titanium burnished tongue scraper.

All products come with their own handy travel bag. 

Included is a SCRAPE BEFORE YOU BRUSH™ bathroom sticker. Place it somewhere in the bathroom as a reminder to scrape your tongue before you brush your teeth. It's that simple to create a new healthy habit for life! 

All TSAU products are 100% sustainable, reusable, recyclable and earth friendly.

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